Remove Sierra Leone from the UK red list of countries with covid 19 variant – Country’s residents in the UK petitions British Government

We as Sierra Leoneans living in the UK feel it is quite unfair that our country with lower cases than most West African countries, is now listed on the red list. We feel it is also not fair that our family members cannot come and visit us, due to the ban of visitors entering from Sierra LeoneMore details

We would like parliament to look at giving waivers to fully vaccinated people to be able to travel to Sierra Leone and into the UK, following current guidelines. The £1750 is a very expensive option for most of us who are civil servants or work within the healthcare, giving back to the nation. We have also complied with the rules and we should not be penalized, for a few mishaps, caused by others. 

Those who are vaccinated should have some concession, as we cannot suffer because of other people.

The petition can be found here and anyone who has an interest in helping these stranded people to return home should sign the petition to force the hand of the British government to act quickly. Petition: Remove Sierra Leone from the UK red list of countries with covid 19 variant

Editor’s Note: The UK government must recognize that most people cannot afford to pay the huge sums of money being requested by authorities and listing a country as red when in fact cases are not as rampant as even in Amber-listed countries and subjecting those people to paying such huge amount of money especially them being UK citizens or Residents is unhelpful. The UK government must revisit its rules and act quickly so those stranded in Sierra Leone would be allowed to return. One lady who spoke to this medium on condition of anonymity lamented on her condition and her desperation to return and claimed that she has no source of income and was at retirement age and cannot afford to pay the amount requested, and the actions of the UK government can only reduce her to more suffering and pleaded with the Home Secretary to show compassion just as she would towards her own mother.

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