The recycled Junta politics operating in Sierra Leone

President Julius Maada Bio and his wife Fatima

At the helm of government in Sierra Leone is a notorious fraudster, who was elected into office as president only because the people of the country wanted a difference and were tired of being ruled by the same leader for over 10 years. During the 2018 elections, the Mende people came out in numbers to vote as they normally do when one of their own is running for the highest office of the land albeit this time against the backdrop of deceit and false promises to make their life better than it had been under the previous 10 years of APC rule. Julius Maada Bio knew that to win an election in Sierra Leone one may have to use the tribal card and campaign on tribal and ethnic lines as the country is thinly divided into these lines. The country has once more been brought to its knees as poverty strikes at the heart of the populace who have to take and feel the brunt of the inept leadership of the former junta leader who presided over a derelict tyrannical regime that slaughtered innocent people on trumped-up charges with no evidence of wrong-doing and whose only crimes were their outspokenness over the human rights abuse and excesses of the Junta regime headed by Julius Maada Bio. Maada Bio and his Junta colleagues swindled the country’s resources and made way with millions of dollars leaving the country destitute and relying on promissory notes for its survival.

The international community’s desperation to institute regime change after being frustrated by the Koroma administration’s refusal to adopt and implement fiscal economic recommendations saw the election of Maada Bio as president despite concerns about his alarming human rights record. The British, American, and UN diplomats on the ground machinated the winning of Bio just to get rid of the APC cabal – something that they have now come to seriously regret and are bent on ensuring he doesn’t get a second term in office. Plans are already underway to prevent Bio from winning the next election because of the embarrassment and foolishness has brought to his office.

It was with dismay that the people of Sierra Leone reacted when they discovered that during Bio’s recent visit to London to attend a climate conference, his wife was seated on the round table as discussions started with no apparent defined role for her presence. The sort of which was never witnessed during the tenure of Ernest Bai Koroma. This shameful and disgraceful act of the presidency only goes to show the aloofness of a man unfit to govern who does not have the right moral makeup to be head of state of this West African State. The coming 2023 elections will definitely usher in the much-needed change so desperately needed in a country that is now on its knees and whose future is at the hands of budgetary support stakeholders who defines how and when money is spent that they give to support the day to day running of the government. The electorate’s blind endorsement of the devil’s advocate is a clear testament of the acute tribal and ethnic political division that has threatened the prevailance of good governance in a country that has only known tyranny for the most part of its political existence. But the 2023 election will see the electorate voting with their moral conscience as the experience they have endured under the kleptocrat Bio is nothing to write home about.

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