President of red-listed country Sierra Leone allowed entry into the UK without following laid down procedures

Julius Maada Bio arriving in London on a Private Jet

The Kleptocratic President of Sierra Leone, a renowned passport thief who stole the country’s passports and sold them to Chinese businessmen for thousands of dollars when he was the Junta Head of state after overthrowing a democratically elected government, has been allowed to enter the United Kindom without following proper procedures despite the strict laid down rules for countries highlighted as red-listed banned states from entering the UK.

The British government through DFID, a major budgetary-support sponsor of the country’s government, seem to have little difficulty seeing the head of state travel to the UK on a chattered flight using a Lineage private jet that will cost the taxpayer in Sierra Leone an average hourly rental rate of 13,500 US Dollars spent on a return-trip to attend a Zoom virtual conference that could have been done from within the confines of State House the seat of power in the country’s capital. And Britain’s human rights laws covering dictators who have plundered state resources do not seem to be applicable in this respect as the thief is allowed to enter freely without being subjected to any Internationally recognized screening/scrutiny for would-be dictators.

Julius Maada Bio was accompanied on this trip by his wife who has in the past been accused of spending huge amounts of money on designer clothes shopping abroad and this trip has all the makings of a shopping spree for the summer holidays where swindled taxpayers money will be burned to the last dollar in acquiring the excesses of the human rights abuser and his extravagant wife.

The country’s prison is littered with opposition politicians who have been arbitrarily arrested for no reason but their affiliation with opposition parties. Abject poverty is rife in a country where basic commodities are unaffordable by the masses and the electorate is keenly looking forward to reinstating the APC government to bring back economic sanity to a country that has been dragged down the mud to a moribund state by the stealth junta regime of a playboy president.

Britain, opening its doors to a mass murderer like Julius Maada Bio, makes it complicit in the heinous crimes being committed on a daily in the impoverished West African State. Julius Maada Bio has spent in excess of 10 Million dollars on Foreign Trips alone since he assumed office 3 years ago, most of it on unnecessary trips, money that could have been well spent in addressing the poverty-stricken environment he left back home. Regime change has become inevitable in a country that has only known poverty as a way of life in its most recent political and economic history.

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