Meet – Dr Sandile Kubheka, at age 20, he made history by qualifying to be a Medical Doctor

Dr. Sandile Kubheka

Meet – Dr Sandile Kubheka, at age 20, he made history in South Africa and on the African continent as well by qualifying to be a Medical Doctor.

He started primary school at the age of five, completed grades six and seven concurrently, matriculated at age 15. In 2013, he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) with distinctions in obstetrics and gyanaecology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, making him South Africa’s youngest Medical Doctor.

He was awarded the Yashiv Sham Bursary and Enid Gordon Jacob Good Fellowship prizes for being the most caring and compassionate in his class and for demonstrating leadership qualities. His classmates voted him the student most likely to become the Minister of Health.

Dr Kubheka is currently a Internal Medicine Registrar at UKZN, stationed at King Edward Hospital in Durban, South Africa.

He attributes all his achievements to hard work; not to a genius IQ (he has never had his IQ tested).

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