Hard working mid-wife dies in Sierra Leone after taking Chinese-Manufactured Covid-19 Vaccine

Midwife – Elleanor – Died after taking vaccine made in China

A very hardworking Midwife at the PCMH hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone has
reportedly died 7 hours after being administered with a Chinese manufactured
COVID-19 vaccine. Reports reaching Newstime Africa states that the midwife who is a widely respected and hardworking medical personnel at the country’s main
maternity hospital, suddenly collapsed 7 hours after taking the vaccine, which
is said to be produced by China and given to the government of Sierra Leone by
the Chinese government as part of their bi-lateral cooperation with the West
African state and in support of the current global pandemic.

Concerns have been raised in the past about the efficacy of vaccines being
manufactured in China after a few deaths were reported in African countries
where the vaccines were donated.

Calls for the Government of Sierra Leone to stop administering the vaccine to its national have been echoed across social media and the very credible local Forum Newspaper on its worldwide What’s App forum has criticized the government’s irresponsible behaviour of not securing vaccines from reputable sources in the West to protect its people from such anomalies. The government has refused to comment on the death of the midwife and apparent risks to human life of the vaccine. Observers ae monitoring the situation to see if more people will fall victim of this deadly vaccine and are urging everyone to be cautious and be vigilant

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