Why President Uhuru Kenyatta should not isolate Deputy William Ruto

I am extremely baffled to learn that President Uhuru Kenyatta is deliberately snubbing his Deputy, William Ruto, I independently supported the duo during the 2012 Elections by offering free PR work using the media weight of Newstime Africa simply because I believed in their leadership. I watched closely and keenly as Ruto spoke after the win and the amazing tribute he made to his colleague, and it was from the heart. The fact is, Uhuru’s behavior is not only dangerous but has the risk of affecting his legacy, as people voted for their alliance, not because of either one of them. They stood up against the machinations of Raila Odinga to bring civil war into the country and worked hard with the help of some of us to have their cases thrown out of the ICC.

Uhuru should not forget where they came from and the struggle they both went through to win the leadership of their country. It is a serious error of judgment on the part of Uhuru to snub his deputy especially during the recent visit of the Tanzanian President. Whatever the difficulties, both men should sit down and iron things out for the benefit of stability and common purpose as I know they both have the genuine interest of the state at heart.

The Deputy President is an extension of the Presidency and embarrassing him is equally embarrassing the presidency. Uhuru should take a leaf off Obama’s presidency and look back as to how he showed tremendous respect for his then VP who is now President of the United States, Joe Biden.

He never once disrespected him in private or public and that mutual respect helped them achieve so much during their two terms in office. I can imagine most of the problems they face are machinated by no one else but Raila Odinga, whose desperation for the presidency has left him with no credibility whatsoever. In my personal view, I don’t think Odinga will ever ascend the presidency of this East African state. President Kenyatta should know the machinations of Raila Odinga and should avoid doing any political deals with him unless of course, it involves William Ruto

I am personally urging both men to put their differences aside and work together for the benefit of the Kenyan people.

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