Introducing one of Africa’s biggest Entertainment star – Tanzania’s Music Sensation Harmonize aka Konde Boy

To be a singer is one thing but to have the natural gift to sing and get the attention of your country’s top political and social elite is a different order altogether. The East African country of Tanzania has produced one of the finest and most talented pop-star Africa has ever seen in the music sensation called Harmonize.

Harmonize, also known as Konde Boy, who was born Rajabu Abdul Kahali, has been instrumental in promoting his country’s image globally through his music often referred to as Bongo Flava.

I should be considered his biggest fan after I fell in love with his music I discovered after the death of Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. Harmonize had paid tribute to the outstanding work Magufuli had done through one of his songs Kwa Ngwaru, which was modified to accommodate eulogy dedicated to the achievements of the respected African leader. Since the first time I heard the song, I have not stopped listening to it and even gave the youtube video a permanent place on the front page of Newstime Africa. I have no first-hand understanding of Swahili, but you don’t have to understand the language to really get into the music, that’s how profound the rhythmic arrangements are, and you have no choice but to be tempted to move your body to the beats, which of course are truly African. I will not be surprised if big names in the UK and US music industry soon come calling for collaboration as this artist will lend serious creativity to any western music and give it a vibe to make it stand out. Below is the Wikipedia entry for this amazing music talent where you can read more about him and soon the Showtime Africa Entertainment and Sports Agency (SAESA) the entertainment arm of Newstime Africa will be extending an invitation to this star to take part in its launch Music and Entertainment Festival in London, along with other top African stars from Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.

SAESA will soon be announcing the launch and registration details for all entrants. And the show will be followed by an award ceremony taking place here in London. Newstime Africa will be making an announcement soon about the massive event.

Wikipedia Entry

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