Sierra Leone’s arrogant President withdraws security detail of the Mayor of Freetown

Yvonne Denise Aki-Sawyerr

Sierra Leone’s outstanding and highly reputable Mayor of Freetown, the capital city, Yvonne Denise Aki-Sawyerr, has continuously been the victim of molestation and harassment by government officials including the President and cabinet Ministers as she embarks on a selfless effort to modernise the city and clean up the mess the government should be undertaking. Ms Sawyer has come under tremendous pressure from government, suffocating her role as Mayor, and the dispensation of her duties to serve the municipality.

The primary reason for this can be attributed to her affiliation with the opposition APC party under which banner she got elected to her high office. Recently, a video went viral on social media where the Mayor was seen being verbally abused by a cabinet minister who was accusing her of overstepping her mandate. Something which the hard-working mayor strenuously denies. But the harassment continues even from state house as directives are constantly being given to sabotage her role as the Mayor of the municipality.

News of her security detail being withdrawn has been met with dimsay and shock by the citizens in the capital Freetown, as some branding it as dictatorial. But it seems the Mayor has been unfazed by all what has been happened and focused instead on her all important duties to serve her people.

The president, Julius Maada Bio, who has a reputation of being a dictator, is not keen on seeing the Mayor gain national and International recognition for her indefatigable efforts in lifting the capital out of the filthy state it had been all this time, if credit is not being given to the sitting government. His despise of the Mayor has taken a new twist as he let loose his Minsiters to challenge the authority of the Mayor as she publiclly performs her duties to ensure the citizens are served well.

The government must ensure that her security detail is restored and allow her to continue her amazing work in serving the people of Freetown.

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