It is quite difficult to discover the best wine to satisfy your insatiable taste buds, and more so in Sub-Saharan Africa where party goers and function organisers rely mostly on cheap imported wines from places like South Africa, France, and Chile, as people ultimately have to settle for second best and offer guests and customers tasteless and cheap wine that leaves them feeling ruffled than satisfied. Well, all this is about to change as Sierra Leonean born and Netherlands based Fashion Designer, Mariam Kamara, has stormed the country’s capital Freetown, with the best Italian wines money can buy. Wines that can leave you yearning for more.
And to quote the Vinomari website, VinoMari, are purveyors of fine Italian wines. They supply quality Italian wines wholesale to the restaurant, entertainment and hospitality trade and via the VinoMari wine club and regular wine tasting events to an ever expanding community of fine Italian wine aficionados in The Netherlands and in Sierra Leone.
Established by Mariam Kamara, who has spent a lot of time in Italy and has become an absolute fan of Italian wines, Mariam was recently quoted as saying: ‘The elegance, character and sophisticated taste of Italian wines is second to none to me. As one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world going back to Roman times, many historic wine varieties are still produced in wine yards throughout the country, often in small family owned wine yards. When you taste Italian wine, you taste the Italian way of life, the good life.’
Mariam has said she is especially proud of having launched VinoMari in Sierra Leone: ‘I currently live in Amsterdam but miss Sierra Leone very much and I try to be in Freetown as often as I can. I love seeing my family and friends, being in my culture, the hustle and bustle of Freetown, the markets, the clubs, and restaurants. We have been through a lot as a country, but I love the strength and spirit of us Sierra Leoneans, this binds us together and lets us prevail. And we do enjoy the good life. I love the home cooked food, cassava leaves, fresh goat, I love the beach, the beach bars, the restaurants, fresh lobster by the sea. There is only one thing that I thought was missing a bit though: fine Italian wines. That is how the idea of VinoMari was born: what about purveying some amazing fine Italian wines to Freetown, so we can all enjoy the good moments in life.’
Mariam, who has teamed up with friends from Italian wine company Podere del Gaio from Treviso, in the Veneto region, famous for its excellent climatic conditions and some of the the best soils for grape growing and wine production, takes very good care in sourcing fine Italian wines.
Countries in the ECOWAS region can also benefit from the delicious taste of Vinomari wines by contacting the company directly on the contact details posted below.
Some cheap competitors who offer second rated products in the market have taken to social media to discredit the fantastic initiative by Vinomari, but as they say, the taste is in the pudding. Wines offered by Vinomari sell themselves as the unique taste they offer are simply irresistible. For more information about Vinomari wines and for sales and order inquiries call Tel. +232 79332111 or Email:

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