Become a Newstime Africa Reporter

You can easily become one of our reporters if you have the skills to report on the latest news in your area or from your country. By submitting a story of interest or breaking news article, the opportunity does exist for your report to be chosen by our editorial staff for publication. If that happens we will contact you and discuss how you can be recruited. If you are just a freelance reporter, then we will discuss terms. All stories submitted should be exclusively for use on Newstime Africa and cannot be published anywhere else. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in your article/s being removed without prior notice or warning. If you want to contact the Editorial Team  directly, or have any questions you would like to ask click HERE.

Important Notice!!: Because our server was recently compromised by someone uploading mmalicious files using this system, we have permanently removed the ability tu upload stories. We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a a result of this necessary action, Please use this link to submit your stories from now on. Thanks for your understanding. The Newstime Africa Team