April 24, 2014
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Are foreign farmers undermining food security in Zambia?

Nov 3, 2012 1

LUSAKA, Nebert Mulenga - (IPS) - Increased agricultural development in Zambia will actually compromise the country’s food security as peasant farmers continue to be driven off their customary land to pave the way for large-scale local and foreign agribusiness, according to the University ...

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Zambia bans ‘Killer’ Liquor sachets

Sep 15, 2012 0

LUSAKA, (INSP) - About a dozen men aimlessly wander around what seems like a prison courtyard. Most of them appear completely disoriented, a confused gaze in their eyes. A shivering old man staggers around the area in circles with a friendly but ...

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National elections set for September in Zambia

Jul 28, 2011 0

President Rupiah Banda of Zambia has said that his country will hold national elections in September. He also made the point that he will run for his first full five-year term. President Rupiah Banda says presidential, parliamentary and local elections will be held Sept. 28.Zambia last ...

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Employment minister sacked in Zambia

Feb 19, 2011 0

LUSAKA, February 19, 2011 (AFP) – Zambia’s President Rupiah Banda on Saturday sacked his minister of employment for comments he allegedly made to the media “ridiculing” senior members of the ruling party. “I regret that I have therefore decided to relieve ...

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Zambia snubs UK Court over Chiluba ruling

Aug 22, 2010 0

The high court in Lusaka, Zambia, has ruled last week that Zambian laws did not allow the enforcement of rulings made in London. This has  caused an outcry from the main opposition Patriotic Front (PF) and anti-corruption groups.  The United ...

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The Trouble with the Ruling MMD Party in Zambia

Apr 20, 2010 2

As the presidential elections loom in 2011, the major political parties in Zambia have been making efforts to win the hearts and minds of the people, as confidence in the government continues to slide. Pledges are being made by the ...

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