April 24, 2014
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Peter Kenworthy

Peter Kenworthy has a degree in International Development Studies and English from Roskilde University and has worked for several NGOs, including Amnesty International and Africa Contact. He is a contributing author to “African Awakening: The emerging revolutions“.

Peter Kenworthy

Swazi youth congress demands release of political prisoners

Feb 15, 2013 0

The Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO) is to launch a campaign for the unconditional release of its President, Bheki Dlamini and other political prisoners on February 16. Bheki Dlamini is charged under the Swaziland Terrorism Act with planting petrol bombs in ...

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Maxwell: boycott undemocratic Swazi elections

Feb 3, 2013 0

“We will not partake in these undemocratic elections in Swaziland unless political parties are unbanned. We seek to intensify our boycott,” Swaziland Nationals Union of Students (SNUS) President Maxwell Dlamini told Africa Contact today. Maxwell Dlamini, who has himself been ...

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Danish protest against Moroccan kangaroo court

Jan 28, 2013 0

  Today, representatives of Danish solidarity organization Africa Contact, the Danish political party the Red-Green Alliance, Polisario, and others staged a protest outside the Moroccan Embassy in Copenhagen. The focus of the protest was the Moroccan military court case against ...

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Maxwell harassed by police again

Jan 7, 2013 0

“The external region of SWAYOCO [Swaziland Youth Congress] is disgusted and disturbed by reports that [Swazi] student leader Maxwell Dlamini was arrested [on Friday] for allegedly not abiding by his bail conditions,” SWAYOCO’s Wandile Mazibuko wrote in a statement published ...

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SUDF to mobilise against undemocratic Swazi elections

Jan 4, 2013 0

In a New Year’s statement issued by Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) Coordinator, Wandile Dludlu, the SUDF says it will mobilise the population against Swaziland’s non-party elections that the organisation calls a “fallacy of royal supremacy.” “We want [the Swazi ...

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Swedish parliament wants government to recognise Western Sahara

Dec 5, 2012 1

Today [5. December], a oppositional majority in the Swedish parliament voted to recommend that the Swedish government “recognises the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as soon as possible.” If Sweden recognizes SADR – Western Sahara’s government in exile – it ...

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Swazi single mothers: do not ostracize us

Nov 13, 2012 1

“We believe that those who find themselves involuntarily having children should not be rejected and banned from their community. Swaziland Single Mothers’ Organization (SWASMO) is working hard to ensure that young single women are considered in Swaziland,” SWASMO said in ...

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No legal representation for Swazi student leaders in court case

Nov 5, 2012 0

“Once again the student activists, Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni appeared before Magistrate Gumedze without any legal representation,” Foundation for Socio-Economic Justice (FSEJ) wrote in a press statement on Friday. Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni were both abducted and tortured by ...

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