April 18, 2014
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Abukar Arman is a foreign policy analyst and a former diplomat. You may follow him on Twitter @4DialogSK or write via abukar_arman@yahoo.com

Abukar Arman

Somalia’s Sullied Security

Mar 1, 2014 0

“We cannot have our right hand tied in our back and be asked to defend ourselves with our crippled left hand.” – Abdirahman Sheikh Issa The recent al-Shabaab attack at the heart of the government’s compound, Villa Somalia, marks a ...

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Somalia and the slippery slope of ‘Jubbaland’

May 19, 2013 1

If the latest development in Somalia gives you the feeling of being trapped in the Twilight Zone—somewhere between relative security and renewed bloodshed—you are not alone. Due to the array of competing internal and external interest groups and the federal ...

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Real terrorism and mock media

May 4, 2013 0

The recent terrorist attacks that took place in Mogadishu and Boston were not just intended to kill and mutilate many civilians, but to create widespread terror, disarray, and insecurity that would last far beyond the initial shock of these bloody ...

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Ending ‘Doormat Politics’ in Somalia

Feb 1, 2013 0

“More than ever, foreign policy is economic policy. The world is competing for resources and global markets.”   John Kerry. Considering the positive trend of the past eighteen months, Somalia is en route to recovery, and, in due course, to re-engineer a ...

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Connecting the dots in the triangle of threat

Jan 7, 2013 1

Just as the temperature of ‘security threat’ slowly declines in Somalia, it rises in other parts of East Africa. Elements of mainly political, religious, and clan/ethnic nature continue to shift and create new volatile conditions. Though not entirely interdependent these ...

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Sustainable Peace: Why Somaliland Matters

Jun 15, 2012 5

Like in wars between states and other organized groups, civil wars and other protracted domestic conflicts are seldom caused by a single factor. Over time, even those that prove to be the exception to the rule eventually evolve into a ...

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Balkanization and subjugation of Somalia

Jul 7, 2011 0

Let me begin by saying that had it not been for Somalis transgressing against other Somalis, the state would neither have been in its current pitifully fragmented state, nor would it have become the poster child for the failed states. Since ...

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Political Expediency may forfeit reform in Somalia

Jun 18, 2011 0

The worst thing that could happen to Somalia at this critical juncture—in its recovery from two decades of bloodshed and chaos— is to disrupt the momentum of security improvement and to derail the reformation process lead by Prime Minister Mohamed ...

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Somalia, US, and the Dual-Track letdown

Nov 7, 2010 0

Somalia in particular and Horn of Africa in general are at such a volatile stage that any misstep—domestic or foreign—could only further exacerbate that perilous condition. One such potential misstep gathering cloud is the recently proposed US foreign policy toward ...

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A New Paradigm for Engaging Somalia

Dec 28, 2009 0

The stakes are much higher than ever before. And, despite the negative reports that dominate the news and thus perpetuate the sense of hopelessness, voices of reason are becoming more audible against the current senseless violence, chaos and extremism. More ...

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