Jacob Zuma Gets Married Again!

Jacob Zuma - Presidential Polygamy

The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has decided to formalize his marriage to his third wife in a traditional ceremony on Monday. And its not just that, he plans to take a fourth bride again later this year. Giving a whole new meaning to the word polygamy – maybe presidential polygamy. Over 2,000 of the country’s elite were invited to the rural KwaZulu-Natal province to witness the event in which the President Jacob Zuma and his bride Tobeka Madiba were officially joined together in matrimony. Under South African law, the couple had already been married as he had already paid a dowry to her family in 2007 but the traditional rites were imperative for them to be seen as legally married within the Zulu culture.

But there are reports that Zuma is also planning to marry again later this year. It is reported that the president plans to wed Durban native Gloria Bongi Ngema, but there has been no official comments on these reports. Zuma has now married at least five women over the years and has 19 children. He currently has three wives including Madiba: Sizakele Khumalo, whom he married in 1973, and Nompumelelo Ntuli, whom he wed in 2008. He was also married to other women including Kate Mantsho Zuma,who committed suicide in 2000. He divorced a woman called Nkosazana Dlamini in 1998, but has brought her into government and remains a trusted aide and is now the country’s home affairs minister.

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  1. jon


    If you wanted to marry again and again, why did you want to become the President of all the people of S.A.? You’re dragging S.A. backward into the stereotypical, tribal age. In the eyes of global media and the rest of Africa which looks to S.A. to lead in the 21st Century, you are doing a dis-service.

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