China Embarrasses Itself to The World as an Innocent British Man Is Executed

China's Brutal Dictator - President Hu Jintao

The brutal regime in China has shown the international community that it is the most vicious political makeup that the world has ever seen. The behaviour of the Chinese government leading to the execution of an innocent British man only goes to show why China is not respected across the world because of its human rights record. This brutal act by the Chinese government gives much credence and validity to the claims by international rights groups that China is the greatest abuser of human rights in the world.

China refused to listen to the pleas of the world. It was determined to unleash its ruthless tyranny on an innocent man who was incapable of carrying drugs into their country. The simple fact that there was no attempt to hide the drugs in the man’s suitcase only goes to qualify the claims by the man’s family that he suffers from mental health problems. This is indeed a disgraceful act by the Chinese authorities who are notorious for this kind of barbaric and cowardice acts. China has demonstrated that it has no respect for world opinion. Recently the Chinese government held the world hostage at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen by refusing to compromise on a deal that will save the planet. China should be made to understand that it would be isolated in the international community of nations and would be looked upon with disdain by the rest of the world.

Innocent Man - Akmal Shaikh Murdered By The Chinese Government

China has left the children of Akmal Shaikh, 53, a father-of-three, fatherless. China does take pride in such savagery. It seems the regime thrives on being notorious for such inhuman acts and abuses. No one in the world would ever take China serious in its quest to become a world super-power with such a nasty record of human extirpation. The world should come together and condemn China in no uncertain terms and send a powerful message with one voice to the dictators in China that the world will never accept China as a legitimate contender for super-power status ever!!


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  1. Ibn Battuta

    Beware of the chinese invasion in the economics and politics… already chinese farmers and miners are taking over the native´s workforce instead of providing jobs to the locals. Chinese are the masters of deception: you think they are helping you, but in fact, they are trying to make use of you.

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