Dadis Camara Under ‘Arrest’ in Moroccan Hospital

Dadis camara - Under Indirect Arrest

As the Moroccan government comes under heavy pressure from the United States of America, Guinean Junta leader seems to have been placed under serious military protection otherwise known as indirect arrest, to prevent him from returning to Guinea. It seems the Americans are seizing this moment of opportunity to remove the Guinean dictator completely from the political landscape of the West African Country. The Moroccan government is under tremendous pressure not to release Camara from hospital and Newstime Africa has reliably learnt that the Guinean strongman is about to be moved from the hospital where he has been recouping to a villa in an unknown location in the capital, Rabat.

Reports coming out of Rabat, the capital of Morocco clearly states that American Diplomats are working behind the scenes and round the clock to prevent Camara’s return to the country. The junta leader is reported to have recovered fully from gunshot wounds he suffered during a failed coup attempt on his life by renegade soldiers. The Moroccan authorities are under huge pressure to delay discharging him. “No one wants him out of there. This was just too good an opportunity to lose and no one wants him to go back,” a Western diplomat said. “Unfortunately, he has made a full recovery, but as the French proverb says, ‘Bad plants don’t die’,” the diplomat went on to  say.

The United States seems determined to exercise its influence in the region and just a few days ago, the US government expressed its determination to keep wounded Guinean Head of State, out of Guinea Completely. It seems the US government wants to install its own favourable regime in the country and is currently in secret talks with the caretaker leader Defence Minister Sekouba Konate while Camara is receiving treatment for gunshot wounds in Morocco. The US is keen on not allowing rogue regimes to have any say in African governance and see the crisis in the West African Country as a window of opportunity to effect its influence in the country. The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State William Fitzgerald had said “We’re reaching out to try and talk to Konate,” He also said that the crisis in Guinea was a symptom of a dangerous slide in West Africa. “We’re deeply concerned that West Africa has fallen back from where it was,” which he said threatened broader instability in the resource-rich region. “The last thing we need is rogue militia running around West Africa again”.

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  3. Faisal Buyinza

    Dear Africans, this is yeet another disrespect and human indecency we are witnessing in this era for USA to decide on what we should be. There is no wonder that any African president who does not loot African resources to the interest of USA and Europe is openly seena dictaator. In Africa to realise any development we need minds of the kind of Didis Camara. Morocco, let not Americans use your hands to shade blood for our son camara fortheir interests. Thanks

    • he kills his own people

      do you know that know he kill hundreds of his people….and you think is good for for his people…????

  4. Europe and the USA are all thieves.How coeme they decide who to run a country?I dont support Camara , but should this ticks be twelling Africans who to run theire countries?Talk about interferance

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