Al-Shabaab Orders Women To Wear Veils in Somalia

Al-Shabaab - Somali Islamist Group

Al-Shabaab - Somali Islamist Group

Mogadishu, Somalia 10th Dec, 2009 – The Al-qaeda linked Islamist rebels Al-shabaab have ordered Somali women in the border town of Dhobley close to Kenya to wear veils or face punishment, the top rebel commander in the town declared late on Wednesday. During a press conference yesterday afternoon, Al shabab’s security chief in the town Sheik Da’ud Hassan Ali said that all women in Dhobley and surrounding villages are told to wear veils and cover all their bodies otherwise they will be punished for neglecting the Islamic orders.

“According to the holly Quran Allah had obligated Muslim women in all over the world to have veils, that is a religious article and any woman who doesn’t obey will be dealt with in accordance with Islamic sharia law” the Islamist official told reporters.

Al-shabaab also banned cigarettes and Kat {the green narcotic leafs grown in the neighbouring Kenya} to be used in the city. Dhoble, a key border town close to Kenya is about 695 kilometres south of the capital Mogadishu and it fell into the hands of Al-shabaab late last month when militias belonging to their former ally Hezbal Islam fled from the city toward Kenyan border.

This week, Kenya said that its security forces have been put on a high alert to intercept Islamists from entering in its territories as they are getting very closer to Kenyan side of the border. On may 7 this year, both groups united in combating against Somalia’s world-backed transitional government and launched a big offensive to topple it, but later they disagreed over the administrative power of the key port town of Kismayo, about 500 kilometres south of Mogadishu.

Al-shabaab Islamists, Al-qaeda’s proxy in the horn of Africa say they are fighting to establish Islamic state in Somalia, while the Somali government accuses them of wanting to make Somalia a safe haven for international terrorists running from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.

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