Assassination Suspect Captured At Guinea’s Border With Sierra Leone

Guinea's Junta Leader Dadis Camara

Guinea's Junta Leader Dadis Camara

Mohamed Camara, one of those suspected of attempting to assassinate the President of Guinea has been arrested while attempting to flee the country. He was the one in charge of security at the Koundara military camp where the president was shot in the head last Thursday. He was brought to Conakry, Guinea’s capital in handcuffs on Monday, and has been charged with conspiracy to kill Moussa Dadis Camara, the Guinean president.

Mohamed Camara was caught as he tried to escape across the border to Sierra Leone on Monday and was apprehended by Guinean special forces who were on the lookout for those who took part in the assassination attempt. It is not yet known whether the Sierra Leone Special forces were also involved in the operation. Details are still sketchy and attempts are being made to get a reaction from the government in Sierra Leone. President Dadis Camara is recovering in a Moroccan hospital from a gunshot wound to the head, after a minor operation to remove a splinter of bone lodged in his brain.

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