Kenyan Government Denies Hiding Felicien Kabuga

Felicien Kabuga

Felicien Kabuga

Nairobi, Kenya 7th Dec, 2009 – The Kenyan Government has denied allegations that it is hiding Rwanda Genocide Mastermind and fugitive Felicien Kabuga as alleged by The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’s Chief Prosecutor Hassan Boubacar Jallow. Through Government Spokesman Dr.Alfred Mutua, the Kenyan government says it has had arrangements with the Kenyan Police and the UN investigators searching for Kabuga in the country to trace him and hand him over to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda .

Kabuga a Rwandan Businessman has been on the run since the Rwandan 1994 genocide and he has been accused of bankrolling and participating in the Rwanda Genocide which saw over a million people lose their lives. It is believed that he was given safe heaven in Kenya by some senior Government officials in Former President Daniel Moi regime.

Dr Mutua termed the allegation by International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’s Chief Prosecutor Hassan Boubacar Jallow as unjustified and short of reality based on the co-operation Kenya has given United Nations and other countries looking for Kabuga. “The Government has issued a statement to the United Nations Security Council in which it points out that the international community might be over concentrating on Kenya, whereas the fugitive could be comfortably living elsewhere”, Dr.Mutua added

The FBI who have been looking for Felicien Kabuga issued a reward of US$5 million (Approximately 400 million Kenyan shillings) to whoever will lead them to the apprehension of Felicien Kabuga but So far the FBI and other agencies have been unable to locate Kabuga in Kenya.

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  1. This man is in kenya but the kenyan individuals who hide him are making efforts to conceal everything about him before the UN security council meets.His property was moved from Litein Home of Zakayo Cheruiyot to unknown destination and there is moves to silence all those who know about his presence here-this includes killings.

  2. anonymous

    i would love to know how exactly who to give information because dealing with any kenyan police or gorvernment official is out of question.then how would i get my reward and be asured of my security and family security in general

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