Dadis Camara Out of Danger And Recovering In Hospital

Junta Leader Camara and his attacker Major Aboubacar Diakite

Junta Leader Camara and his attacker Major Aboubacar Diakite

According to reports reaching this press, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the Guinean junta leader who was shot and wounded by his former aide Major Aboubacar Diakite, is recovering well and out of immediate danger in hospital in Morocco. The Guinean strongman who underwent a minor surgery to treat injuries he sustained in a gun attack by his own soldiers had a successful operation. Information Minister Idrissa Cherif in a statement said “The president is out of danger. The operation succeeded,”

The Head of State was evacuated to Morocco on Friday for treatment, fuelling worries of a power vacuum that could trigger heavy fighting among factions in the military.

Second-in-command Sekouba Konate who is otherwise known as ‘El Tigre’ for his courage on the battlefield has been temporarily installed as the leader by the governing council.

The information minister affirms that “When Dadis is not around, it is natural that Sekouba would take over,” he said. Pickup trucks full of heavily armed soldiers searched for the suspects in Thursday’s botched assassination all around the city of Conakry. Instability in Guinea, is seen as a threat to neighbours Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia, all recovering from civil wars that ended earlier this decade.

The opposition party in Guinea has condemned the attack on the President, and it says this could delay a transition to civilian rule, and reiterated its call for the junta leadership to step aside. This incident highlights the vicious circle of harsh martial leadership and violent coups in the country that has tormented its citizens for decades.

Guinea entered 50 years of brutal rule after independence in 1958 dominated by the presidencies of Ahmed Sekou Toure, during which tens of thousands of people disappeared or were tortured and executed. And then later strongman Lansana Conte who seized power after Toure. With this background of political mayhem, a theme of military indiscipline and rule by the gun has held in the West African country.

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