Breakthrough in technology as Whip-Speed gives petrol more miles to the gallon

Wonder Product – Whip-Speed

As investors line-up to take on the huge potential that Sierra Leone offers, there has been a breakthrough in technology as Motorists and fuel users around the world are set to benefit from a significant reduction in fuel costs as a new product is introduced in the market. Imagine buying fuel that was intended to provide 43miles to the gallon and you find out that you can get 60 miles to the gallon if you can add an amazing product called Whip-Speed to it. Well, this is no fiction. Scientists have been working round the clock to make this possible and it seems they have come up with a solution to the problem that so many car and lorry users have faced for so long-The increasing cost of petrol and how to deal with it.

DOLYMAYA ENTERPRISE is a Sole Proprietorship established on 31st October 1996, owned by the Proprietor Mr. Jihad N Eter, a Sierra Leonean businessman and is the exclusive distributor of this wonder product. Government agencies and local businesses in the country are already benefiting from the cost effectiveness that this product offers. Whip-Speed provides the answer to so many problems motorists and fuel users face each day. It is an additive that you add to petrol that significantly increases durability and performance. In short, you get more miles to the gallon.

Whip-Speed fuel additive is manufactured in India. It is made up of purely organic compounds. 100% inorganic chemical free and eco-friendly. It acts as a reduction factor with respect to the constant increase in the price of Petrol, Diesel and Marine Fuel Oil, the high Consumer demand and the consequent impact on the environment. (Current Global Warming Issues). This reduction is achieved by raising the Cetane (a colourless oily liquid, used as an additive to improve petrol and diesel fuel) rating of diesel/petrol thereby substantially improving vehicular/mechanical performance. In addition as a catalyst, it cleans the combustion chamber of carbon deposits and raises the peak flame temperature. Consequently, this process reduces smoke and other harmful emissions. In addition it reduces the ‘wear and tear’ rates of injectors and injector pumps. Furthermore piston valves and the combustion chamber remain free of deposits while, ‘wear and tear’ of rings is substantially reduced.

According to test results, Whip-Speed fuel additive conforms to International Standard (IS) 2796, 2000.There are Quantitative and Qualitative benefits to be derived in the short, medium and long-term. Safety Tests have also been performed on Whip-Speed fuel additive by the following Internationally Renowned Organisations, with state-of-the-art Testing Laboratories, Caleb Brett Laboratories and SGS. Furthermore an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Organisation, Italab Ltd. has issued a certificate of analysis; and also SARATHY AGENCIES, an EMISSIONS TEST CENTRE in March 2009, issued a pollution report, confirming its capacity to reduce emissions.

It is important to note that Dolymaya Enterprise (A Sierra Leonean-Owned Business) has the Sole Rights Worldwide for the Marketing and Distribution of WHIP-SPEED FUEL ADDITIVE, with the singular exclusion of the Sub-Continent of India, where it is manufactured. There are two types of Whip-Speed fuel additive: HMV, which increases mileage to a certain level and only reduces carbon emissions by 60% in the long run, but does not eliminate them and LMV, which increases mileage by a minimum of 20% to an as yet undetermined maximum, however it also eliminates carbon emissions in all running engines.

Dolymaya, given its long years of experience in undertaking business activities in Sierra Leone has adjudged LMV to be most suitable for the Sierra Leonean situation. It will also assist the Government of Sierra Leone in fulfilling its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change. Climate Change is currently a major global issue and always on the agenda of major political and economic summits. Recently during the G8 Summit in Italy, it was developing Countries that were insisting that G8 nations should sign up to a 40% cut by 2020. In the final communiqué, it was agreed that G8 Countries should cut their emissions by 80% by 2050 and that worldwide emissions should fall 50% by that date.

Having introduced Whip-Speed fuel additive into the Sierra Leone market systematically during the last three years (2007 to 2009 inclusive), Dolymaya can provide empirical evidence to substantiate and support its claims about Whip-Speed fuel additive. Whip-Speed has indeed provided an opportunity to the world to be more fuel efficient and mindful about the environment. Governments and businesses around the world should embrace this technological breakthrough and introduce this product to their countries and provide a more cost-effective approach to motoring and other fuel intensive uses.

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For all Government agencies and Businesses interested in finding out how Whip-Speed can help you save money, the company can be contacted directly through its Managing Director Mr. Jihad N Eter by Telephone: +232-33-609601/ +232-76-609601 Fax: 232-22-227055 or by email:


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