Jennifer Grey on the Death of Patrick Swayze

Real-life husband and wife Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey play two singletons who meet on a blind date on tonight’s episode of "The New Adventures of Old Christine," but first Jennifer talks to ET about the death of her ‘Dirty Dancing’ leading man Patrick Swayze . "I think we will always be a couple in a lot of people’s minds from the experience of seeing us in that movie," she tells ET. "I think the reality [of his death] is shocking to me and really sad. I have been sad for the two years he was sick. I realized I had a real depth of feeling for him that I hadn’t felt like I got to express to him enough. For that, I feel grateful for the chance to have him in my heart. In that sense it was beautiful because I felt the gift of him in a strong way." It has been 22 years since ‘Dirty Dancing’ was first in theaters and Jennifer no longer plays the ingénue who is stuck in the corner. In fact, on "The New Adventures of Old Christine" her character, Tracey, is just the opposite.

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Jennifer Grey on the Death of Patrick Swayze

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