3 Year Old Boy Killed By Police in South Africa

A 3 year old boy has allegedly been killed by a police officer in South Africa. The boy was in a car driven by men who the police assumed were members of a criminal gang. The boy whose name was given as Atlegang Aphane, was carrying a metal pipe that the police mistook for a gun. They opened fire and the boy was killed instantly. The family of the boy have accused the police of showing no remorse. The policeman involved in the shooting has appeared in court charged with murder.

The boy’s mother is reportedly furious at the police and accused them of being trigger-happy. She said when she approached her son’s killer to demand answers for the shooting “He was busy eating a lollipop. I approached him and asked why he killed my son, but he looked at me as if I was crazy, I could not believe my eyes when I arrived at the scene.

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