Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio accused of aggravated robbery

MP – Kadie Davies – Robbed

The political thug, human rights abuser, and state embezzler passing for President of Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, has once again squandered the legitimate rights of the people of Sierra Leone to make their choice in an election that has been referred to as a farce. When a country has an idiot presiding over its electoral affairs, there is always the risk of things falling apart.  Sierra Leone’s Electoral Chief  MOHAMED N’FAH-ALIE CONTEH is a puppet of the de-facto regime currently operating as government in Sierra Leone. The recently conducted by-election at Constituency 110 in the Western Area of the country has been cancelled as reports of the opposition APC party gaining significant votes that has seen the MP Kadie Davies on course to retain her parliamentary seat despite political intimidation, thuggery and violence. The daft and inept Chairman of the Electoral Commision has buckled under pressure from authorities to call for a re-run, citing violence in an election that has only seen violence perpetrated by ruling party thugs who constantly stage attacks using knives and machetes to intimidate opposition supporters and candidates. It is simply disgraceful as the country which is still a virgin democracy, continues to be subjected to political intimidation of opposition supporters and politicians by a pariah  state that now has no legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

Julius Maada Bio – No democratic credentials

Julius Maada Bio is an example of what African leaders should not be. He has no business being Head of State and is unfit to govern a country whose tradition and culture are enshrined on what its political founders fought so hard to achieve: Unity, Freedom and Justice – all of which has been squandered by a buffoon president who has little or no regard for the rule of law and all its accompanying instruments of fundamental human rights. He is an off-shoot of anglo-american regime change initiative – something that has left the west unable to recover from its reckless African Agenda that has seen sycophants like Bio ascend to power with no legitimacy.

The International Community must not be complacent about holding the Bio regime accountable for depriving Kadie Davies, the outstanding MP for the constituency, the right to assume her seat in parliament because of the fraud perpetrated by a man who is a notorious human rights abuser and who was once denied entry to the USA by President Obama because of his record of summary executions and arbitrary killings of innocent Sierra Leoneans whose only crime was to expose his despotic behaviour.

Kadie Davies must be allowed to take her rightful place in Parliament and be declared winner in an election process that has flaws at its center. All the results counted show she has won a considerable amount of votes to secure her victory despite all the obstacles she faced form the ruling party. The Electoral Commissioner Western Area, Miatta French, has seen her government  allocated security detail withdrawn because of her protest over the botched election process, something she doesn’t want to be part of.


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