The politics of immorality as Attorney General Priscilla Schwartz is accused of having an affair with the head of the National Minerals Agency in Sierra Leone

Julius Daniel Mattai and Priscilla Schwartz

Dr. Priscilla Schwartz is the new Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Sierra Leone. And it seems the President of Sierra Leone has seen it fit to appoint a woman who is secretly having an affair with someone who heads an agency that her office is supposed to be regulating, as Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Schwartz brings to her office an expertise in energy, telecommunications, as well as petroleum and mineral mining law – qualifications that empowers her office to regulate the Minerals Agency and all government mining contracts. This not only puts her in a powerful position of influence, it also makes her vulnerable to corrupt practices if she morally compromises her legal position. It seems there are also marital issues when it comes to Schwartz, as this legal luminary was born Priscilla Fofana. During her appointment, there was no mention of her marital status or presence of her husband in the photo-op with President Bio at State House. But carrying the name Schwartz can only mean one of two things. She is legally married, or she is divorced, and by choice still carrying her marital name. I wonder where Mr. Schwartz is as that name is usually carried by American nationals with strong Jewish origin. And from a quick research, i discovered that there does exist a professor Schwartz who happens to be an American Academic working in one of the London Universities. ( More on that later when we look into the Learned Lady’s background in another article)

When it comes to academia, there couldn’t be anyone more qualified for the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Sierra Leone than Schwartz, ( She has got  a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree from Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone, She obtained a Master of Laws from Kings College, University of London and her juris doctor at Queen Mary, University of London), but it seems lack of proper professional discernment may have led our learned lady to compromise her esteemed position and hindered her sound judgement. There are unconfirmed reports from reliable sources in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, that Schwartz is having an affair with the Director General of the National Minerals Agency, a gentleman by the name of  Julius Daniel Mattai, a qualified mining engineer whose department is supposed to be closely scrutinized by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice’s Department. The conflict of Interest is apparently disturbing and as the scandal unfolds in the small west african state there are risks that mining contracts and other lucrative government dealings with reputable International investment companies might be put at risk, and there have been calls for these two people to be relieved of their positions with immediate effect until a thorough investigation is carried out by an independent agency to look in their conducts in office relating to the alleged affair. It seems both the lady and gentleman in question have found themselves in a position where their jobs have become untenable and the right thing to do is for them to resign.

Newstime Africa is calling on President Bio to conduct an investigation  into all the existing mining contracts that may have passed through the hands of both these two lovebirds to ensure the integrity of their offices have not been compromised in an alarming way that will bring disrepute to the government of Sierra Leone.

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