Africa’s most powerful Media Mogul Ambassador Anthony Navo receives another prestigious accolade as ‘Most Influential Young Sierra Leonean 2018’

Ambassador Anthony Navo and First Lady of Sierra Leone Mrs Fatima Jabbie Bio

Ambassador Anthony Navo, who happens to be the President of Africa’s most advanced and influential media entity – Africa Young Voices (AYV) media empire, has once again received an outstanding accolade bestowed upon him as the ‘Most Influential Young Sierra Leonean 2018’. And this is not the first time Ambassador Anthony Navo has been the recipient of this very important award. Last year, he was also honoured by the Award group – Most Influential Limited. As a matter of fact, for two consecutive years the media mogul has been recognized as the Most Influential Young Sierra Leonean in the country.

The CEO, whose desire to help the youths in the country is second-to-none, has an uncompromising penchant to contribute to youth development whether through his vast media empire by hiring mostly youth workers, or in his philanthropic role that has seen him pay school fees and college tuition for young and aspiring Sierra Leoneans to help them unleash their full potential academically and hence contribute to national development. Navo is not only the Most Influential Young Sierra Leonean, he also happens to be the most Influential Young African after establishing the most sophisticated and technically equipped media entity ever in the entire sub-Saharan region. AYV media empire boasts some of the latest broadcasting facilities and equipment across its array of media complexes which boasts a Television Station (AYV TV), a Radio broadcasting station (AYV Radio) and the most vibrant printed Newspaper the country has ever seen (AYV Newspaper).

Ambassador Navo’s unprecedented efforts have recently been endorsed by no less a person than the current United States Ambassador to the country, Ambassador Maria Brewa, who described the media empire’s coverage before, during, and after the recent elections as a sparkling performance and promised to support the media entity’s affairs.

Another testament of Ambassador Navo’s outstanding recognition came recently when he became the recipient of the Sisters Choice Award for Man of the Year 2018, with the honour of being presented with the award by the First Lady of the country, the wife of the President, Mrs Fatima Jabbie Bio. Antonia Howard, a member of the AYV media team was also recognised as Best Female Television Personality of the Year.

Ambassador Anthony Navo

Ambassador Navo has always been a strong advocate for gender equality, and has taken leaps to ensure his media empire employs an equal number of female employees to create an even gender workplace, free from discrimination. His passion to drive through change with a fair, balanced, and ethical approach to doing business, is indeed worthy of commendation. And it seems the sky is the limit for this Media supremo as one wouldn’t be too surprised if the top media houses in Europe, America and Africa, like the BBC, VOA, CNN and a host of others in Nigeria and South Africa, offer to join forces with AYV to enhance their reach in the continent as AYV is the only true broadcasting house that offers the environment and media sophistication that can match the requirements of such outstanding media entities.

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