Military Coup in Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe is overthrown

President Mugabe with wife Grace

Reports filtering from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe states that 93 year old leader Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been deposed by a bloodless military coup. It is also understood that the president and his wife are held in detention for what the military desribed as “safety reasons”.  The military described its actions as to target “criminals” around President. They said they were securing government and official buildings after taking over the state broadcaster.

According to a statement released by the Zimababwe Defence Forces, (ZDF) “action taken does not represent a military takeover of the Government but is meant to address the political, social and economic situation that could have ended in violent conflict”.  The military also called on people to go about their day to day activities as normal. Political parties were also called upon to discourage violent protests, and youths were adminished to stay away from any form of diruptive behaviour. There are also reports that Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo has been detained. The Commander General of the ZDF, Constantine Chiwenga, has reiterated that the military would not hesitate to step in if the country’s revolution was threatened.

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