A new way forward for Sierra Leone – without the notorious mass-murderer and coup plotter Julius Maada Bio

Julius Maada Bio and rebel leader Foday Sankoh

As Sierra Leone prepares for a new democratic emergence, there lies waiting in the political bedlam a non-conformed saboteur who is determined to cause mayhem using his undisciplined brigade of former ruthless rebel fighters to disrupt the country’s political and social sanity. The arrival of sober politics after the election of Dr. Samura Kamara as the flagbearer of the ruling APC party has meant Bio would have no partner to spar with, in the political ring of violence, as Kamara would rather focus on mature politics and things that matter to the masses. The Sierra Leone political landscape has changed forever, Bio would have no more reason to lament, as Samura Kamara’s credentials are all laid out there for the world to see, and protected by his excellent service as a former top executive of the world financial organization, the IMF.

Samura Kamara would have no reason to provoke the ruthless ambition of the former coup plotter, though Bio needs no instigation as violence is embedded in his human make-up. The democratic gains that the country has experienced under President Ernest Bai Koroma are too solid to come under any threat from Bio’s unbridled aspirations to become president by all means. Some have foundations built upon by the International community to safeguard the gains that were made after the political turmoil that saw the country collapse into civil war and are constantly under scrutiny for any breach by the likes of the former junta leader. The world witnessed first hand as innocent men and women were murdered in cold blood at the hands of Bio and his henchmen, a vicious act that has rendered him disqualified to hold any high office in the Sub-Saharan West African state. Bio and his caboodle still nurse the unmerited ambition to once more hold the seat of power. His claims that he handed over power and conducted a peaceful and democratic transition of power when he was junta leader is as porous as his desire to become a leader once more. The threat of international sanctions and isolation forced Bio’s Junta to cede power and hold elections.

Julius Maada Bio does not have the necessary credentials to be president of Sierra Leone. And the International community will be doing a big disservice to the people of Sierra Leone if they ever entertain the megalomaniac tendencies he is renowned for pushing down the throats of civil societies and International NGO’s parading as a deprived democrat. Bio is now fully conversant of the fact that he can no longer fool the Sierra Leonean people and will once more settle for failure come the next elections in March 2018. Julius Maada Bio now heads a cartel of inept and corrupt politicians calling themselves the opposition SLPP,  hell-bent on devouring the state treasury with the slightest opportunity to loot what truly belongs to the people and leaving the state gasping for help with only promissory notes to survive on.

Julius Maada Bio reminds me of Raila Odinga in Kenya, a man who despite serious thrashing at the polls on a number of occasions still harbors intentions to become Kenya’s next president as if the electorate has not spoken enough. When the will of the people is not heeded, calamity normally follows, and Raila has once more employed the stubborn rhetoric of calling foul a process that has been managed by some of Kenya’s finest public servants. With Odinga, there have always been excuses for losing elections. And reading through some of Maada Bio’s reaction to the media in the past, they share the same discrepancy of not accepting defeat in the midst of enormous and decisive registration of the voters’ will. This impudence is reminiscent of people whose intentions are suspect and whose desire to lay claim to leadership is devoid of any sane ambition. They must not be allowed anywhere close to the seat of power.

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