A call for help as mudslide kills over 400 people in Sierra Leone

President Koroma visits scene of disaster and talks to officials on the ground

The West African state of Sierra Leone is once more in mourning, albeit this time not because of a rebel war, when one of its own turned against his people and slaughtered at random, innocent men, women, and children, over some daft ideology borne out of ignorance; or because of the scourge of the deadly Ebola virus that left thousands dead with no mercy. This time it was the result of a natural disaster that was not so natural, leaving many dead.

It has been reported that over 100 houses have been submerged in the mud. And over 400 people reportedly died. Hundreds are also reported missing as the search for victims intensifies with reports filtering out of the country states that the morgue is full and burial of victims had to be done en masse to free up space. This natural disaster is unprecedented in a country that has had its share of misfortune, and this sad event beckons the world to roll up its sleeve and rally to help this small West African state.

A country like Sierra Leone can never be prepared for such natural disaster as the resources to prevent such are just not there. Despite what the puppet BBC reporter on the ground would want you to believe, the government, with limited resources, have done a lot to prevent such disasters from happening. Help is needed to build a more effective flood defence system, and expertise is needed to offer much-needed guidance. At this moment and time, the country needs emergency assistance in the form of direct aid to the victims and support to the government to improve the flood defence mechanism currently in place.  Those who would like to donate and help the victims can head to the Freetown Flood Disaster Emergency Appeal to help the Freetown Flood Victims by clicking on this link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/freetownflooddisasteremergencyappealJN4KJF67




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