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Responding to the statement by the EU and China recommitting to the Paris Agreement, Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, Mohamed Adow said: “Today we are witnessing the start of the fightback to Donald Trump’s assault on the world’s climate. China and the EU are clearly not going to stand by and allow one man to set the agenda on international climate action. “This is one of the strongest bilateral statement on climate change by two major world powers I’ve ever seen. The EU and China are clearly accelerating their climate cooperation and taking on the baton of leadership.

“Having two of the world’s three largest economies outlining their determination to lead the transition to a low carbon economy shows the direction of travel is only moving in one direction. US isolationism on climate policy isn’t going to stop that. “This bodes well for the G20 coming up at the end of the month which will likely see other countries rallying to the cause.”
He added: “When other European leaders are robustly criticising Trump, it’s shocking that the UK is not standing at their side. Theresa May has failed to make a strong personal statement in response to the US announcement, or to double down on climate change ambition to help make up the gap left by the Trump administration’s backsliding. The future of British climate change cooperation is not with the USA, it’s with the rest of the world.”

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