Plea for help from Sierra Leonean woman as urgent medical assistance is needed

Culled from Awoko Newspaper – Sierra Leone

Marie Conteh in hospital

A 25 year old Marie Conteh has not been passing stool (faeces) for the past 8 months. She is currently admitted at Ward 4 (Bed No 9) Connaught Hospital where doctors have perforated her lower abdomen to make way for faeces. Efforts to send her for overseas treatment faces setback

She reported a swollen stomach, which was identified as a cyst. Since the first operation on 15th April, 2016, she has not passed stool in the normal way. Her condition continues to deteriorate and the family might lose her if necessary action is not taken a close family member said. Since her ailment she has undergone 3 operations so far, and doctors are planning to do a fourth one. The first operation was done at a private clinic whilst the remaining two were done at Connaught Hospital.

However, Doctors at Connaught Hospital say she urgently needs overseas treatment/operation due to lack of the required health facility for her treatment in the country. Her mother Dankay Conteh of 2 Thompson Bay off Wilkinson Road has been spending sleepless nights at the hospital. Mohamed Faray Kargbo Coordinator of the Aid to Destitutes in Distress (ATDID) has made frantic efforts for crowd funding to help pay her medical bills. He said some generous individuals had donated some money and President Koroma also intervened but 21 days after President Koroma approved flying her to India, Marie Conteh is still suffering at the Connaught Hospital.

The President endorsed her travelling on the 6th February, 2017. Since then, the process has been moving on a snail pace, he disclosed. Mohamed Faray Kargbo Coordinator of the Aid to Destitutes in Distress said the High Commission of India in Ghana has requested receipt of remittances to the Indo Gulf Hospital in New Delhi or travellers’ cheque before the Visa could be issued. He said all the documents and passports are in Ghana pending the release of funds to effect the trip.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Finance is now processing Marie Conteh’s documents but the process needs to be accelerated since the case is an emergency. “We are appealing to the authorities at the Ministry of Finance to expedite the process to help this dying young lady,” he said. He also appealed to the Governor, Bank of Sierra Leone to speedily act on the documents as soon as they are brought to his office. The proposed travelling date is 3rd March as indicated on the visa application form.

The Government needs to act fast so that the money would be released and visa granted as we have spent 4 Million Leones to get the documents to Ghana, Mohamed Faray Kargbo Coordinator of the Aid to Destitutes in Distress disclosed. He lamented that should the Government delay in releasing the funds then, we might have to redo everything. This will delay her trip and jeopardize the life of our dear patient.

He called on the Ministry of Finance and Bank of Sierra Leone to help save the life of Marie Conteh as the process to get the funds released is very slow. The Ministry of Health and Sanitation took more than a week to process their part of the documents only God knows how long it will take for the Governor of Bank of Sierra Leone to approve and get the funds released.
Marie’s condition continues to deteriorate on a daily basis, he said.

The Airlines will also be doing a medical test to determine the suitability of the patient to travel and would be done after the issuance of the visa.

By Saidu Bah
Twitter @mohamedsaidubah

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