Sierra Leone in mourning as Presidential hopeful Moseray Gibril Fadika dies in London

Ambassador Moseray Fadika - Center - with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

Ambassador Moseray Fadika – Center – with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo

The West African state of Sierra Leone is in mourning after the great loss of one of its most illustrious son of the soil, Ambassador Moseray Gibril Fadika. A man whose philanthropy has left an indelible impression in the hearts and minds of all Sierra Leoneans. Fadika was the quintessential business magnate who after steering African Minerals from its infancy as a small mining company along with Frank Timis, to a worldwide phenomenon that contributed immensely to the overall economic progress of  not only Sierra Leone, but the wider region, became the recipient of global awards for outstanding contribution to enterprise in Africa. Ambassador Fadika was awarded the Africa Entrepreneur Award for 2013/2014 by the African Economic Builders. As Executive Chairman of African Minerals, Mr Gibril Moseray Fadika was hosted at State House by President Ernest Bai Korma where he received the award and where President Koroma said “Let me congratulate Mr. Fadika for making all of us as Sierra Leoneans proud. We believe that in a moment like this when somebody comes back home with laurels, somebody comes back after having achieved internationally; the achievement is not limited to him alone. It is an achievement for every Sierra Leonean,” President Koroma said, and further maintained that when a citizen achieves national status in his/her endeavours, it is not about that person anymore. “It is now about Sierra Leone. It is now about our support to ensure that he sustains the kind of momentum that he has shown that has given him this recognition”.

On the 16th March 2016, Moseray Fadika was appointed Goodwill Ambassador and Business Ambassador for the Commonwealth Africa Initiative at the Commonwealth Africa Summit in London for promoting peace and development in the Africa.

The loss of Fadika is a massive blow to the youths of Sierra Leone as he had been a major champion of Youth activities and progress across the nation. His selfless effort to give back to communities is second to none. Ambassador Fadika died on Sunday 7th August 2016 at the Whitechapel Royal hospital in London after a sudden and brief illness. Reports are that he complained of pain in his back and was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed and was later pronounced dead. Newstime Africa spoke to Anthony Navo,  a close confidant, friend and business partner of Fadika who was inconsolable and was practically in tears throughout the phone conversation. He told this writer that Ambassador Fadika’s death was a big loss and could hardly hold back tears as he spoke of the death of his best friend and brother.  Navo had been at the side of Fadika throughout his ordeal and they were both in London to promote Ambassador Fadika’s political ambition to vie for the flag-bearership of the APC (All Peoples Congress Party) in the forthcoming 2018 Presidential elections. Navo was audibly upset and could not contain his tears as the phone line went dead, apparently unable to continue with the conversation. This writer was also left in tears as Navo happens to be a good friend and brother as well.

Ambassador Fadika’s family should take comfort in his outstanding contribution to the development of Sierra Leone through his work both as Executive Chairman of African Minerals and as a Philanthropist. He was widely respected across the country and was set to become the ruling party’s flag-bearer in the upcoming elections – a move that would have inevitably catapulted him to the presidency had it not been for his sudden death. So i will end by saying Rest in Peace President Moseray Gibril Fadika, the Head of State we never had. You will live in the hearts and minds of all Sierra Leoneans across the world as you stand out as the best of everything our country stands for. You were indeed a hero to so many and your legacy will forever stand inextinguishable as an inspiration to all Sierra Leoneans.


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