American Ambassador to Sierra Leone John Hoover shows solidarity with African Young Voices (AYV) – West Africa’s biggest media empire

Ambassador Hoover - left and AYV boss Anthony Navo - right

Ambassador Hoover – left and AYV boss Anthony Navo – right

The US  Ambassador to Sierra Leone, John Hoover, has time and again identified with progressive causes across his host country. A man who takes his country’s diplomatic role across the world seriously and considers his station his second home, has been keen to stand shoulder to shoulder with the government and people of Sierra Leone in the quest to achieve success through national development. The Ambassador follows progress in the country with keen interest. and it was no surprise when he went on a special visit to AYV (African Young Voices) headquarters in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown, to acquaint himself with first hand experience on what has been achieved by the outstanding  Entrepreneur, Anthony Navo Junior, who has succeeded in putting together the biggest and most successful media entity across West Africa – The AYV media Empire.

AYV, the brainchild, of Anthony Navo, was established to serve not only the youths but the entire populace. With the most versatile media production equipment and state of the art printing and broadcast production machinery, the media house boasts the latest in technology that meets western standards and it’s set to revolutionize the way media houses operate across Africa.

The AYV media entity consists of a Printing Press, A Radio Station , a Television Station,  a Public Relations arm and  a National Newspaper. It opened its first national newspaper in 2011 in Freetown, called the African Young Voices.

During his visit, the Ambassador was left astonished by the sate of the art equipment he saw as he was taken on a tour of the media empire’s premises. He assured staff that his office was opened to partnership with the media institution. The Ambassador urged the Media institution to stay open and neutral in its endeavours, and to ensure it works in the national interest of all.

Welcoming the Ambassador to the premises, the institution’s Acting General Manager , Dr. Victor Suma, expressed appreciation to the Ambassador for his visit, and informed the envoy that the “The brain behind the AYV dream is a young business entrepreneur in the person of Anthony Navo Junior. A man  whose drive to promote young people and the media in Sierra Leone is unparalleled. Anthony Navo is also Youth Ambassador in the country as he represents the interests of the youths across the West African state.

Ambassador Hoover must be applauded for the keen interest he continues to show in the socio-political development of Sierra Leone, especially in the youths and their social welfare. The United States has not faltered in its unwavering commitment to help Sierra Leone as has been reminiscent of the Ambassador’s undertakings across the country. Ambassador Hoover has been the recipient of two global State Department awards: The Herbert Salzman Award for Excellence in International Economic Performance in 2008 for his reporting and commercial advocacy in support of African efforts to enhance connectivity to the worldwide web, and the Director General’s Award for Reporting (co-winner, 1998) for his reporting and analysis of trade issues in Taiwan that contributed to the island’s successful accession to the World Trade Organization: Source (U.S. Embassy website). An outstanding diplomat who is a 1982 magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, and a 1978 graduate of Acton-Boxborough Regional High School in Acton, Massachusetts, a small town where he grew up playing baseball and ice hockey.

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