LONG WALK TO THE STATE HOUSE: A Threat To Tsvangirai’s Regime

Tsvangirai and Mugabe

Tsvangirai and Mugabe

WILL MDC-T, ZIMBABWE’S FIRST most powerful opposition leader to ever challenge the ruling ZANU PF party of His Excellency the President, Cde Robert Mugabe who has been at the helm of the presidium since 1987, survive the test of time? Will Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, miraculously resurrect from his rusting age-old sealed political tombstone to assume the presidency of the former British colony? Who will roll away the huge stone erected between his embalmed political body and the expectant worshippers of the Movement for Democratic Changers-MDC-Ts, who are anticipating his maiden come-back into the fiery furnace of the fast approaching historic democratic elections of 2018?

A king without a throne is the story behind the tale of MDC-T’s founding icons. The acceptance of Tsvangirai to sign the Government of National Unity (GNU) pact in 2009 was a monumental mistake that set into motion total purging off of meaningful opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

Despite strong warning from his sympathizers in the form of Britain and her allies, Tsvangirai, cubbish as he still was in the game of Zimbabwe politics, Tsvangirai acted sheepishly and slid off into his unsuspected truce with the ruling administration of a veteran nationalist and one among the founding fathers of African democracy. Tsvangirai was apparently even encaustic about vacating the Prime Minister’s mansion, a clear symbol showing the the long neo-shadows of a government of national unity (GNU) are still brooding upon his mind. The estranged MDC-T leader must learn that mind and not might is today’s rule of the game of politics. His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde Robert Mugabe knows a lot of politicking that Mr. Tsvangirai is ignorant of. Today’s political wars can no longer to be fought in the bushes but in the war-fronts of the mind. It is still disheartening to learn that there are others in the struggle for regime change in Zimbabwe who have for all their political lives resorted to barbaric tactics in order to gain political mileage. The word king means, ‘one who knows’ and this is what made Martin Luther a monarch among men.

If I may challenge the thinking mind let me hasten to ask the following; What really transpires in the mind of hunter who suddenly finds himself in the palace or a general worker who is suddenly elevated to the position of a king? We all agree to the thought that a leader is not born but made in adversity and not prosperity nor in the comfort of the palace. There is a time to be born, says the wise man, and a time to die. The one must necessarily remind us of the other. Can we bless the day we were born, or is it to us only the beginning of a long and terrible curse?

The real king is supreme in every emergency! Most sailors can steer the ship in fine weather; it requires a real pilot to steer safely through a storm. Pharaoh might do well enough at the helm of affairs, so long as harvests were copious and the nation was well fed. But in the presence of a night-vision, Pharaoh lost his balance; in the presence of a famine, Pharaoh was staggered.
This is the time when victors are prepared and not during the heat of the election campaign. Whatever may be the opinions held by some, we say unhesitatingly that God has the affairs of all nations and of all men under His immediate control; that He gives or withholds, as seemeth good unto Him, but always in a way consistent with human freedom. And He invites our confidence!

The times we are traversing across as a nation are an episode in our nation’s history that will never be repeated up until the end of time. But we always remember that against our own human will, God’s will exists. It is therefore noble to understand that as imperfect as human monarchs are, and sometimes corrupt, they are beneficial to society. A government must be very rotten if it is not better than anarchy. Hence, for the most part, God designs to act through kings, and permits them to be His ministers. God has a secret to make known to Egypt, viz., tidings of approaching scarcity; and since Pharaoh is on the throne, the communication shall be made to him.

Mr Tsvangirai has reportedly refused to participate in all the by-elections conducted in the country in 2015 arguing that electoral reforms ought to be implemented first in order to create room for evenness in the tough game of Zimbabwean politics.

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