North Korea threatens World Economic Forum after invite pulled Pyongyang expresses regret at WEF managing board's decision to withdraw its invitation following North Korea's claimed hydrogen bomb test

North Korea

North Korea

SEOUL (AA) – North Korea accused the World Economic Forum (WEF) Thursday of unfairly canceling its invitation to next week’s Davos gathering — and threatened organizers that they would be “responsible” for any consequences.

Pyongyang’s Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong had been set to become his country’s first delegate at the forum in early two decades.

The WEF’s managing board initially offered to include North Korea this time around citing “encouraging signals” from the reclusive state.

But at a news briefing in Geneva Wednesday, a member of the board explained that the situation had changed following last week’s nuclear test in the North.

North Korea responded with a letter of protest, according to its state-run KCNA news agency.

The correspondence apparently described the WEF’s decision as “unjustifiable” and in defiance of the “elementary impartiality and principles to be abided by the international body.”

Given the expectation that the North will be further isolated by global sanctions due to its ongoing rogue nuclear weapon development, it is perhaps fitting that leader Kim Jong-un has been seen to be promoting self-reliance – a policy immortalized by his grandfather and North Korean founder Kim Il-sung.

But times have changed since the early days of the Kim dynasty, and many analysts will see the Davos snub as a missed opportunity for Pyongyang to forge a viable economic future following years of food shortages and poverty.

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