Zimbabwe to investigate 2nd lion killing by US hunter Another American amateur hunter is accused of illegally killing lion in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park



HARARE, Zimbabwe (AA) – Zimbabwean authorities have opened an investigation into the illegal killing in April of a lion, allegedly by an American tourist.

The development comes as Zimbabwe seeks the extradition of American dentist Walter Palmer, who – in a case that has since drawn international media attention – hunted and killed “Cecil” the lion, who before his death in July had been a well-known tourist attraction.
On Monday, Zimbabwe formally accused Jan Casimir Seski, a gynecological oncologist from the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, of shooting the lion – using, like Palmer, a crossbow – near Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.
According to local media, Seski, 68, illegally lured the lion out of the national park before killing it.

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