China: Party expels ex-military leader for graft Guo Boxiong reported to have been found guilty of taking advantage of his post to seek promotion, benefits for others and bribes personally or through his family

BEIJING (AA) – A former military leader has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) for taking bribes, according to the party’s central committee’s political bureau.
State news agency Xinhua reported late Thursday that the bureau had made the decision to expel Guo Boxiong, who served as vice chairman of the central military commission from 2002 to 2012.
It added that the bureau has now decided to send Guo’s case and evidence against him to military prosecutors.
“His acts seriously violated the CPC’s discipline and left a vile impact,” a disciplinary investigation into the 73-year-old, which had been taking place since April 9, stated.
According to a statement issued before the meeting, Guo was found guilty of taking advantage of his post to seek promotion and benefits for others.
Xinhua reported that he also accepted bribes personally or through his family.
“No matter what power one holds or how high one’s position is, if a person violates Party rules and law, he or she should be hunted down without compromise and without mercy,” the statement continued
Guo is just one of a number of high profile party member who have come under investigation by the country’s top anti-graft watchdog.
On July 23, the central commission for discipline inspection announced that 19,000 officials had been sanctioned for violating frugality rules in the first half of this year.
Earlier in the month, the same watchdog announced that a former head of the prison system in China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region was being investigated for graft.

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