Gambian President Yahya Jammeh changes his names again

President Yahya Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh

“I am totally confused as to why my President is playing mathematics with his names” Says:- Alusine Njie a teacher.

The President of The Gambia, His Excellency President Yahya Jammeh within four months of adding three names to his already existing long names (His Excellency, Sheikh Professor, Alhaji , Dr.Yayah A. J.J. Jammeh) over the weekend surprisingly dropped all the three additional names. This is the third time he is adding and dropping.

Though many questions have been asked privately and on the sides as to why the adding and dropping of names but President Jammeh himself has never explained in public or given any reason or reasons for the additional names (Nasirudeen Babili Mansa) in the first place nor secondly why he has decided to now finally drop them all.

Even the State Broadcaster (GRTS) has not commented.

Over the weekend, the Dean of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps of the Gambia, Her Excellency Mrs. John Audu informed that following information received from The Gambia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President Yayah Jammeh has decided to drop the title BABILI MANSA (after he had earlier dropped the name NASIRUDEEN).

The information further went on to say hence Mr. President shall be known and addressed as HIS EXCELLENCY, SHEIKH PROFESSOR, ALHAJI, Dr. YAHYA A. J.J. JAMMEH.

President Yayah Jammeh is unofficially and on the sides refers to in The Gambia as “PAPA DON’T TAKE NO MESS”

BY:- Ralph Ese’Donnu Sawyerr,

Information Attaché,

Embassy of Sierra Leone,

In The Gambia and Senegal.

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