Kenya creates police squad to combat ‘public stripping’



NAIROBI (AA) – Kenyan authorities have created a special police squad tasked with tracking down men notorious for stripping women in public.

“The unit is known as the Anti-Stripping Squad. We have recruited specially trained police officers to stamp out this… degrading crime,” police spokesman Masoud Mwinyi told The Anadolu Agency.

Mwinyi, however, did not disclose the precise number of squad members or how the new squad would carry out its duties.

“It is a new outfit comprising experienced police officers, dozens of them – enough to deal with this new crime,” he said.

“The officers have already gone into the field to look for these people who are targeting women,” said Mwinyi, who went on to describe the phenomenon as “shameful.”

“It is derived from loose social behavior, especially among young Kenyan men,” he lamented.

Interior Ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka said that the act of undressing women in public represented a new criminal trend.

“We fully support police in their war against this new crime. We are working closely with the police to ensure that those committing such crimes are nabbed and prosecuted,” Njoka told AA.

The creation of the special squad comes less than a fortnight after hundreds of Kenyan women held a peaceful protest after two women were stripped by mobs of men in capital Nairobi.

The protest was triggered by videos – which went viral on the internet – showing two women being stripped in public on the streets of Mombasa and Nairobi, purportedly for wearing “indecent” clothing.

Since the protest took place on November 17, no culprits have been arrested. Nor have the women who were stripped filed any complaints with the police.

As if the public stripping of the two women was not enough, a video clip now making the rounds on social media shows a half-naked woman screaming for mercy as three men poke their fingers into her genitals.

The clip is believed to have been taken on a mobile phone by a male passenger in a pubic vehicle on the northern outskirts of the capital.

At one point, the woman, lying on her back, lets out a piercing howl as one of the three men in the vehicle threatens to insert a beer bottle into her genitals.

At another point, the woman can be heard saying, “Leave me alone,” as she cries hoarsely, trying in vain to squirm free.

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