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  1. Mwananchi

    Tanzania must also return the properties seized from its Asian citizens in the 1970′s. Until it does so, Tanzania will sadly continue to be widely regarded as a kleptocracy or “rule by thieves”.

    Kleptocracy is unfortunately common in developing countries. Kleptocracy by the state in Tanzania has negatively affected foreign investment, drastically weakened its domestic market, and limited cross-border trade.

    In 2010, at the Tanzania Diaspora Conference in London, Hon. Bernard Membe, the Tanzanian Minister for Foreign Affairs lamented the very low amounts of financial remittances sent by Tanzanians working abroad.
    In 2009, the remittances sent to Kenya by Kenyans working abroad was US$1,572 million and the remittances sent to Uganda by Ugandans working abroad was US$514 million. In sad contrast,the 2009 remittances sent to Tanzania by its citizens working abroad was a paltry US$18 million.

    While Tanzania has made many great strides and is successful in attracting charity dollars, it still has a long way to go to gain the confidence of foreign investors.

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