50 killed in DR Congo attack The militants used bladed weapons in killing the 50, civil society activists said

KINSHASA (AA) – At least 50 people had been massacred by militants wearing Congolese army uniforms in Beni, a town near the border with Uganda, Congolese media reported Saturday.

Quoting sources from Congo’s civil society, the media added that the militants used bladed weapons in killing the 50.

The sources said the militants had most likely belonged to the Ugandan rebel group Allied Democratic Forces.

Beni is located around 350km north of Goma in the northern Kivu region.

The civil society sources noted that the militants had blunt instruments when they attacked the villages of Tepoimba and Vemba in the Mavivi region in northern Kivu in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The rebels were dressed in Congolese arm uniforms when they arrived in the aforementioned villages on Thursday, attack survivors said.

They added that the rebels had also shared drinks with local residents before the attack.

Soon, however, the militants attacked the villagers, killing 50 of them at least, the survivors said.

The Congolese army has been cracking down on the members of the Allied Democratic Forces since the beginning of this year under support from United Nations troops.

The Allied Democratic Forces is a militant Ugandan group that was founded in 1995 and took base in Congo. It is also called the Uganda Liberation Army.

The alliance is made up of 1,500 troops. They are based in a mountainous area on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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