The rise, disgrace and fall of Sylvia Olayinka Blyden – The notorious Sierra Leonean newspaper publisher

Sylvia Blyden with notorious murderer Julius Maada Bio

Sylvia Blyden with notorious murderer Julius Maada Bio

Too many excesses can drive anyone to failure, and even if they have anything to show for their existence, the relevance is naturally extinguished. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden thrives in excesses. From praising herself on Facebook and having her caboodle join in praise and worship rants on her ego,  to glorifying her talents and capabilities on her rag-tag sheet called the Awareness Times, she stops at nothing when it comes to pushing her own stories. Blyden, believes she is supernatural in all aspects of life. In her latest gaffe, she even said she is smarter and knows more about journalism than me and the State House Communications team combined! This is how foolish a thinking she carries on her mentally deranged self. It doesn’t take Rocket Science for anyone to decipher that Blyden is delusional. For, it is abnormal for anyone to praise themselves when they are worthy of other peoples admiration and appreciation. Blyden herself knows that there is no comparison when it comes to journalistic standards with the statehouse communications team or myself. The evidence abounds. For starters, Blyden is no journalist and neither a trained communicator whether in print or electronic. The only thing Blyden has excelled in is derogatory writings, with insulting peoples mothers and fathers at the center. When someone writes without any respect for the ethics of journalism, it tells you how far they are from the consciousness of what the profession entails. Something only professional training can provide. Blyden is a failed medical student who took on Journalism to compensate for her failures, and  to help make herself look relevant. Blyden takes comfort in the group of idlers who pass for facebook fans on her social media station, and help lift her ego by supporting the mostly nonsensical rhetoric she dishes out in daily doses, to these unsuspecting folks.

Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has not only embarrassed herself, she has embarrassed her family, especially her mother who whirls in London receiving state benefits, and her father who has made several attempts to initiate local community programs in the Lewisham borough they reside, but with little success, despite funding that was secured and received from the local council. Funds that are still yet to be accounted for as projects are abandoned! Blyden has repeatedly brought shame and disgrace to her family, and she is considered the black sheep, as reports of her bearing a child out of wedlock, safely tucked away at the family home in Brockley, SE4 in London from the snooping eyes of Salone congosah public, has been revealed. And news about the pregnancy, as a result of being subjected to repeated abuse at the hands of an uncle, has surfaced online. Reports she has strenuously denied. The peer pressure may have also had a toll on lady Blyden as at her age; 43, no potential suitor has surfaced to ask for her hand, and her mother must be disappointed that her princess has still not bore her a valuable legitimate grandchild.

Sylvia Blyden’s escapades in Liberia has also come under scrutiny. It has been reported that Blyden was in a serious relationship with onetime Liberian Immigration boss who now happens to be the country’s police boss. A man who is known for his philandering and who is also reportedly married and with a family. It is reported that Blyden fell out with former Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura after Bangura refused to make her Liberian apartment available to Blyden to spend secret moments with her Immigration boss sweetheart. The wife of a diplomat from Benin is also reportedly furious at her husband for entertaining Blyden on one of her official trips to New York with the Head of State during her stint as SEA. Newstime Africa has made attempts to contact the Diplomat to get a response. Blyden has never publicly acknowledged dating anyone despite all these reports, as she may be of the view that by revealing her relationships, she will be subjected to enormous public interest and media attention and the whole thing will go berserk. But it is interesting that while protecting her own private life, Blyden has on several occasions spilled the beans on others and seems to enjoy putting people on the spotlight, especially women she finds as a distraction to her space as the most important and relevant Sierra Leonean lady.

Blyden would want you to believe she resigned as Special Executive Assistant to the President. No, not at all, she was sacked! But authorities wanted to avoid the furor that normally accompany her nonsense and so, they spared her the embarrassment, and told her she can resign if she so wishes after marching orders were thrown at her with an option  to be demoted, and her  SEA title taken from her. It has been reported that Blyden was offered a deputy Ambassadorial appointment which she turned down and was then given the ultimatum to resign or be sacked. Blyden had always considered her SEA position as equivalent to a cabinet rank, but as one of the few government officials who was privy to her appointment, I can categorically state that this is far from the truth. Its one of Blyden’s machinations to make herself look relevant as she was opting for a cabinet appointment when the SEA job was offered. In most of her recent writings, Blyden has been promoting her national award of Order of the Rokel given to her by the late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah. But don’t we all know why Kabbah gave that award? Blyden would want you to believe that she merits the award. But on careful observation, Blyden’s contribution to society, if any, does not warrant any national award and president Kabbah may be forgiven to have yielded to pressure/threats and constant barrage in the media at the hands of Blyden, and the award may have been a way to ward off such attacks. It is also rumoured that the award may be abrogated in light of her recent attacks on the presidency.

Blyden’s recent attacks on State House personnel, whom she has referred to as incompetent is simply laughable.  Throughout her stint as SEA in State House, this wannabe journalist cannot point out any single achievement other than bringing disrepute to the presidency and launching a vicious attack on the person of the former Minister of Health Miatta Kargbo. Her understanding of competency simply underlines her deranged mental state. To refer to the highly respectable Personal Assistant to the President, Brian Gilpin, as incompetent, is not only ignorant but a clear demonstration of incompetence itself. I know Brian Gilpin very well and should state here for the record that he has brought so much organisation to the presidency that it is inconceivable that the presidency would be fully operational without him. Blyden may be of the view that it was state house personnel who revealed to the world that she was sacked and did not resign as she lied to the world. It doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict what happened at state house, considering all the rantings and insults thrown at people including her former boss the president, it was only a matter of time for her to be given marching orders. So blaming others for her demise is simply a way to vent her anger at innocent people and of her being sacked, and it also shows the true reason why she is no longer the SEA: unfit for purpose. The Personal Assistant is not the kind of person that  likes to get involved in controversy or reveal state house business to anyone. Sometimes when rumours heat up that cabinet reshuffles are underway and i call him to get some feedback so i can break the news on time, i get a very blunt response: that simply won’t happen’- even the head of state is known not to divulge such information to anyone.

The president’s Personal Assistant, Brian Gilpin, should at best ignore Blyden’s rantings, which he has done with utmost admiration, reminiscent of the highly respectable person he is, and friends and family of this noble gentleman, should not be fazed by the unwarranted and mentally deranged attacks on him, as the world knows where its emanating from. Blyden has already lost all respect even in the media, where she has sought refuge after a failed attempt at practicing medicine. One may wonder why a supposedly qualified medical doctor, considering the acute shortages of medical personnel in the country, would not want to practice medicine, a science of the highest public regard. But Blyden has always had political ambitions albeit without any defined protocol. Just a loose arrangement of ideas that she has carved in her mind  and slowly spurning out of control as she tries and test each idea with utmost failure. More recently so at state house where she tried to wield power behind the presidency hoping she will gain desperate recognition as a states woman. The rudeness, confusion and total disrespect Blyden has shown for those she worked for and with, is clear manifestation of who she is and what she represents, and all combined, has no place in the present political dispensation of our country.  Instead of criticizing government officials on the handling of Ebola, Blyden should don her white robe and get on the Ebola frontline to show off her medical skills. Soso Boku talk talk en lie lie!!

Blyden recently extended her insanity to Wikipedia as she attempted to leave her mark on the world stage by publishing her own Biography –  a tasteless concoction of self-praise with insufficient achievements to warrant any notice or recognition – but she keeps trying to make herself look relevant and this just exposes the desperation that she has become well known for across cyberspace. As a matter of fact, I will soon be publishing her true Biography with all the facts that has ever been written about her.

Sylvia Blyden has become synonymous with rancour, disruption, profanity and everything negative that our country does not stand for and the opportunity President Koroma gave her to resuscitate herself and her reputation, has been blown away. There is little chance Blyden will ever serve in an official capacity in government again, Well, not under President Koroma. And the SLPP, after witnessing Blyden at work with utmost disregard for authority will have to think twice, if ever they gain power, to offer her any job in government. She is simply a loose canon who will forever have her own agenda irrespective of where she works or who she works for, Blyden is simply unfit for purpose in any capacity in government.

Blyden is only fighting a losing battle, as the P.A., being the gentleman I know he is, would only ignore such stupidity. The Personal Assistant would never allow himself to be dragged to Blyden’s level, which has sadly always been the gutter. Blyden has personal issues to deal with instead of picking  fights with others all the time. Her biological clock is ticking and she is still a spinster as no available suitors have knocked on the door – maybe worried at the prospect of marrying someone who is such an expert in creating chaos and confusion wherever she finds herself – even the bedroom  — perhaps?

If Blyden is not prepared to go down quietly, I will not relent in my pursuit of her as she engages recklessly and bullishly in attempts to defame the presidency and those around it. I will not respond to comments about me on her rag-tag sheet. She carries no more relevance in my books to pay any attention to personal attacks on my person. Attacking the president is a different ball game titi.  And comparing Newstime Africa with your ragtag paper is simply delusional – and we will soon be writing about the corruption scandal in Liberia involving the Police Chief – You fambul!!! Ar dae wait for di cot case!!

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