Somalia puts $2mn bounty for new Al-Shabaab leader

Terror Group Al-Shabaab - Attacking Press Freedom

Terror Group Al-Shabaab – Attacking Press Freedom

MOGADISHU (AA) – The Somali government on Saturday announced a $2 million bounty on the head of new Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Omar Abu Ubeyd.

“The government offers $1 million for information leading to the arrest of the new Al-Shabaab leader and $1 million for information leading to his death,” the National Intelligence and Security Agency [NISA] said in a statement.

The statement said that the identity of people giving the information will not be revealed.

Former Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane had been killed by a U.S. drone strike earlier this month in the Lower Shebelle Region.

Last month, the Somali government and African peacekeepers launched a massive joint military operation – “Operation Indian Ocean” – against Al-Shabaab, which has since seen the group lose most of its strongholds.

Somalia, a long-troubled country in the Horn of Africa, has remained in the grip of on-again, off-again violence since the outbreak of civil war in 1991.


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