“Help fight Ebola in West Africa” Dr. Tam-Baryoh

Dr. David Tam Baryoh

Dr. David Tam Baryoh

The presenter of the monologue program in Sierra Leone Dr. David Tam Baryoh has told the three permanent representatives to the UN of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea and members of the United African Congress that they should do everything in their powers to raise money, materials and human resources to assist their governments in the Manor River basin to fight the Ebola epidemic. Dr. Baryoh was speaking as a special guest during the official launching of discussions and plans to raise funds to assist the west african countries now enmeshed in the fight against the Ebola virus.

During the debate at the UN general assembly premises in New York on August 27, Dr. Baryoh told the august body of diplomats, citizens and well wishers of the three most affected countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where the Ebola virus is ravaging that the situation on ground is now very serious to the effect that the populations of these three countries are not only panicking but are faced with the realities of deaths. The monologue presenter told his audience that though the governments of the three countries were doing their best, the spread and effects of the Ebola virus have on the populations have in turn overwhelmed the health facilities in those three countries.

According to the former Ebola pioneer research team leader in the DRC , professor emeritus Tomislav Prvulovich, who also spoke during the discussions, “the Ebola virus is one of many biological weapons that certainly have cures including small pox that was eliminated in Yugoslavia”. The Nobel peace nominee, Tomislav who sat very close to Dr. Baryoh explained that he feels with the people of west Africa mainly because he knows the danger they are in with the spread of Ebola.

Later, Dr. Baryoh who is in the United States on a special invitation had a lot of discussions with many other people and groups. He is expected in Washington on Monday and will be back in Sierra Leone sooner or later.

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