Israel calls up 2000 reservists Israel's army radio said a decision on calling up larger numbers of reservists had not been taken yet

JERUSALEM (AA) – The Israeli army on Wednesday called up 2000 reservists, only hours after the collapse of indirect truce talks in the Egyptian capital Cairo and the resumption of airstrikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Israel’s army radio said a decision on calling up larger numbers of reservists had not been taken yet.

Israel said 82,000 troops had taken part in the offensive against the Gaza Strip prior to the start – and later collapse – of indirect truce talks with the Palestinians in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Around 27,000 reservists were asked to go home after Israel’s pullout of the Gaza Strip in early August, whereas 55,000 reservists remained on duty.

Indirect Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire talks in Cairo collapsed on Tuesday, opening the door for renewed Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli and later Palestinian negotiators had left Cairo after the collapse of the indirect talks on Tuesday.

Israel claims that it had pulled its delegation after rocket attacks from Gaza on Tuesday.

It has since launched several strikes on the besieged coastal enclave, home to more than 1.8 million people, killing at least 11 Palestinians, including four children.

The latest fatalities bring to 2028 the number of Palestinians, mostly civilians, killed by Israel since July 7.

Hamas has denied any knowledge of the Tuesday rocket attacks and accused Israel of seeking to undermine the indirect talks.

Palestinians factions, including Hamas, have claimed firing rockets on Israel after the collapse of the talks and resumption of Israeli airstrikes.

Cairo had been the scene of indirect Palestinian-Israeli talks on a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip since early August.

Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has reeled under a crippling Israeli blockade that has badly affected the local economy and played havoc with residents’ livelihoods.

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