Saudi Arabia denies its car attacked in Paris Gang wielding Kalashnikovs forced a Saudi prince's motorcade off the road and stole 250,000 euros and 'sensitive' documents

PARIS (AA) – The Saudi Arabian embassy in Paris has denied media reports that one of its cars was attacked in a 250,000 euros robbery.

In a statement from the official Saudi press agency on Monday, the embassy said the car stolen during the heist had been rented by a Saudi national.

French media had reported that a motorcade containing a Saudi prince was forced off the road at gunpoint in Paris on Sunday evening, when a heavily armed gang stole the cash and “sensitive” documents.

The convoy was on the way to Le Bourget airport when it was stopped by men armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles at 9 p.m. local time (20.00 GMT).

The embassy said reports that an embassy car had been targeted were “completely false.”

The stolen vehicle was later found abandoned out with no sign of the documents or money.


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