Ukraine: Pro-Russian separatists shoot down aircraft Pilot of MIG-29 fighter jet manages to survive, spokesman of counter-terror operation says

KIEV (AA) – Pro-Russian separatists have shot down a Ukrainian fighter jet in eastern region of Luhansk, authorities said Sunday.

The spokesman of Ukraine’s counter-terror operation, Leonid Matyuhin, said in a statement that a MIG-29 fighter jet was shot down by pro-Russian separatists but the pilot managed to deploy his parachute and land safely.

Matyuhin said that following search and rescue operations, the pilot was taken to a secure zone.

In another statement released at the beginning of August, the counter-terror operation spokesman said that pro-Russian separatists had shot down a MIG-29 fighter jet and a helicopter ambulance.

Unrest in eastern Ukraine has torn the region apart since April, when the government launched “anti-terror” operations against armed separatists seeking to break away from Ukraine, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March.

Pro-Russian separatists still hold the control of wide regions in eastern Ukraine, although the army is gradually regaining territory.


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