Nigerian teenager arrested for ‘having sex with dog’ It remains unclear what offence the teenager will be charged with



LAGOS (AA) – A 19-year-old Nigerian has been arrested in Edo, an oil-rich inland state in western Nigeria, after reportedly being caught having sex with a dog.

“The boy has been arrested and transferred to police headquarters for questioning,” Edo police spokesman Noble Nwoh told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday.

Nwoh confirmed that the suspect had been handed over to police after being caught in the act.

“He was brought to the house of the Odionwere [chief] of Iguosa community after he was seen making love to the dog in an uncompleted building,” village resident Nosa Irabo told AA.

Clifford Igiehon, the local Odionwere, confirmed the incident.

“He confessed to the crime when he was brought to my home,” he told AA.

“He claimed some demons took him over when he was doing it; we have handed him over to the police,” added the chief.

He said that even though the act was “an abomination,” local authorities had nevertheless “refused to take the law into our own hands.”

Lawful sexual intercourse is restricted to man and woman in Nigeria, where homosexuality remains banned by law.

It remains unclear, however, what offence the teenager will be charged with.

“When we get to that bridge, we will cross it,” the police spokesman told AA.

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