Libyan president to be elected by popular vote: MPs MPs had voted on whether the president should be chosen by the people or parliament

BENGHAZI, Libya (AA) – Libya’s parliament on Tuesday decided that the country’s president would be elected through a direct popular vote rather than by parliament.

“Parliament members meeting in the eastern city of Tobruk have voted on a proposal [stating] that the head of state should be elected through [a] direct popular vote,” the assembly said in a statement on its website.

Lawmakers had voted on whether the president should be chosen by the people or parliament.

According to the statement, 141 of the 144 MPs present at the parliamentary session had voted in favor of a popular vote.

Libya’s new parliament assumed legislative authority from the General National Congress, the mandate of which expired earlier this year.

Libya has been plagued by heavy fighting between a loosely organized national army and militias that held onto their weapons following a bloody uprising in 2011 that ended with the ouster and death of long-serving ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

Capital Tripoli has recently been the scene of fierce clashes between warring militias over control of the city’s strategic facilities.


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