Sudan charges ‘apostate’ doctor with forgery

Mariam Yehia Ibrahim

Mariam Yehia Ibrahim

KHARTOUM (AA) – Sudanese authorities have charged a female doctor – a death sentence against whom for alleged apostasy was overturned earlier this week – with committing forgery, a government source said Wednesday.

“Mariam Yehia Ibrahim and her family were arrested at Khartoum airport for using travel documents issued by the embassy of South Sudan, where her husband was born,” the source told Anadolu Agency.

Mariam was arrested on Tuesday along with her husband and two sons while on their way to the United States.

“Mariam does not have South Sudanese nationality; she was traveling to the US, which is not her homeland,” the source said.

On May 15, Mariam was sentenced to death – and 100 lashes – after being found guilty of apostasy and adultery.

The charges were brought against the woman after she married a Christian man from South Sudan.

Her father’s family had reported the marriage to the authorities, saying his daughter – a Muslim – should not be allowed to marry a Christian.

A Sudanese court sentenced Mariam to death, basing its ruling on articles 126 and 146 of the Sudanese Criminal Code.

On Monday, however, following an international outcry, the court overturned the death sentence and agreed to release Mariam.

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